Entry: Reading the Greener Pastures on the same side: Friday, September 12, 2003

Hey.. you know one thing, Amit has got an offer from Miscrosoft.. it’s the  paradise for the software professionals! Once you get into it.. you are in heaven.. there you have great facilities .. a rack of chocolates, dry fruits, in each person’s cabin.. a flexi time, can choose to work from home. And a gr8 sal package! Cant even compare with any other company! See what we are having.. a dirty cabin, no GYM, Swimming pool.. nothing ya.. a very somber place with no fun..!


I used to compare what I am doing(with some of my gr8 friends who were doing gr8 things).. when some of my friends are flying high.. but then after some deep thinking and analysis (actually after I finished the “seven habits of highly effective ppl – by Stephen R Covey”), I realized my goal is something which “I need to set and achieve” and not by looking at other gr8 ppl and follow their foot steps.


One thing I feel currently, is getting satisfied with what one has is a great boon to live peacefully, but if you are already content with what you have, there is no growth for improvement and you become stagnant..  but to strike the balance between the two and to find the right thing for oneslef.. is a trick  in itself..!


So If we start to look not only the disadvantages of the current position in life, but also the advantages and other grrener things that are associated with it. With this vision we would at least be able to choose the right thing for us and decide whatz good to us ! and proceed in that direction!


Is this how one has to lead his life.. I don’t know yet.. but I feel it’s a secure way to lead one’s life towards some target!


Am I rite! Or Am I too confusing! Put in your comments!


October 18, 2003   12:59 PM PDT
Hey Queer..
You seem to have the same idelogy as i do.. :) Goood to know some one alike :)
October 3, 2003   12:06 PM PDT
Right off I can tell you one thing, the grass is greener on the other side, so one of your advt you are in singara chennai:)). And your life is yours, live the way you want to, achieve what you want to, at your pace. You compete only with yourself and others and their achievements are not our scale:)
September 14, 2003   11:42 PM PDT
Hi jag thanks for the comments. I visited your site.. the bust journey.. seems interesting :-)
September 14, 2003   04:36 PM PDT
Yes - you are right! But in my opinion - there are an infinity of "right approaches". But the one that you suggest implies a degree of optimism - and I would have to subscribe to that - as am addicted to optimism. It is what keeps me going - good times and bad.

Also - there are other things that change the approach used during the course of life. For example - I used to take a lot of risks - and many times - the risks paid off - and I headed down a "correct path" of fulfilment - but then when we had kids - that completely changed! I now take fewer risks!

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