Entry: BIST 2000 Batch Meet . Tuesday, October 19, 2004

This is what we are planning for our College mates meet this week end. Planning to meet at least 20 of us.  This alumni meet shall happen in Mayajal / Besant Nagar beach this Saturday in the evening. I am kinda organizing this event. We actually had long chat sessions (Conference) with our college mates yesterday; it was so refreshingly cool that I was stuck that we need to meet now. After a gap of 4 long years we are planning to see those old faces that should bring back the fond memories that we have had before. I am really very eager to meet all my class mates and like to know more of what they do.

Waiting for the time to meet all of you guys.. Lets rejoice.. Lets recollect those golden moments.. Lets have Fun.. Lets have a great Week end. 


October 26, 2004   02:49 PM PDT
Thanks Neha, we had gr8 fun:) Its really exciting to see your college mates after a long time :)
October 26, 2004   01:00 PM PDT
I hope u Hav fun there...all the best :)

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