Entry: My new TT Bat Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Yeah, you heard it right (rather saw it right!) I had bought a new Table Tennis bat. It’s a “stiga” bat with 13,12,18 configuration (13- Spin, 12-Speed, 18- Control). Its actually a long overdue for me to get a TT bat. Last Saturday, I went to the Pantaloons shop at Spencers in Chennai to buy this batJ. I was used to play TT during my college days., during my third year to be more precise, in Fourth year we never went to college.. Our College had one of the most relaxed environment which others used to envy. I did my Engineering from Bharath Institute of Science and Technology and passed out in the year 2000. Our college is  also called as BIST.

I would be playing with my new TT bat from today. Wasn’t that a gr8 newz uh! (It is for me! )


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