Entry: Year 2004 Monday, September 20, 2004

I consider the Year 2k+4 (2004 ;)) as the most terrible and sickening year of my life.

2004 shattered most of my hopes. Great personal shocks rocked me from May till August.

First, in April Cheicken Pox caught hold of me, that made be bed ridden for almost 2 months. Then the sudden death of my brother Bharath Srivatsan ASA Anand.

This is the final blow to me already weakened heart! I was having so much hope on him and with so much dreams for us.. everything got shattered because of irrecoverable Monday on which a Water tanker rode over him when he was going to his college.


Sorry for such a sad tone in this blog entry, cant help it .. this is why I wasn’t blogging for so many days.


Even now, suddenly a void strucks me when ever I recollect his face.

When ever a person resembling him moves on, tears rolls down my eyes..

Oh my dear brother, let your soul rest in peace.

I miss you so much da.. that of late I couldn’t concentrate on anything!

Any ways.. the fact is you are never gonna be with me again. I will try to be alrite..


October 7, 2004   12:48 PM PDT
THanks for the support Ravi.
October 6, 2004   09:50 PM PDT
sorry to hear about it !!

may god give you the strength to recover from this !

September 24, 2004   10:56 PM PDT
Thanks for the support Queer, avaiz
September 22, 2004   03:23 AM PDT
Life is unfair isnt it?.

Any words of mine will prove fruitless rite now. But the thing is, it has happened to all of us.

Life is balanced by birth and death. Sometimes GOD plays unfair. Dont forget that life is a test.

Try to forget and focus. Be with the younger generation of your family, it will help ease the pain.
September 22, 2004   01:02 AM PDT
Oh god..I am sorry to hear abt the accident!!! I don't have any words of wisdom to offer you, nor would they be of any help. May god be with you...Time is a good healer!
Take care!

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