Entry: Bangalore again :) Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I will be in Bílore this (6th and 7th) Saturday and Sunday (On Official trip).

I am planning to meet some of my friends there in Bílore on Sat evening around 9.00pm! ( I suppose I would be free then!).  Let see if I could meet them this time atleastJ

Well the reason behind an official work on weekends is obvious to recruit ppl into our teams. I hope you would have noticed some ads of HCL coming today that would have given a feel as to what kinda walkin its going to be J. Nice feeling to see such huge ads of a company where you are working on. Also itís a nice feeling to note that we would be on the dias for which the add is wetted out in the vernaculars J Generally as far as my previous experiences on Walkins are concerned they generally bring severe headache to me, lets see how this one goes!.



March 17, 2004   12:22 PM PST
Bangy was gr8 Luna.. ! I jus like the crowd there more than the place ;)
March 16, 2004   02:36 PM PST
Hi, Aravinth! How was Bangy? :-)
March 10, 2004   02:37 PM PST
Hi sat,
B'lore was good. We selected around 7guys in total out of which 1 person would be in our team.. rest to different teams :)
March 10, 2004   01:29 AM PST
Ah.. I see that u r back in action...
Howass B'lore.. And how many did u select????
March 8, 2004   04:37 PM PST
Hi Laks.. yeah i'm back.. saw that you were too :)
March 5, 2004   11:11 PM PST
hi.....back! gud:)

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