Entry: Questions for which I have some answers :) Monday, March 01, 2004

Why I Cant Blog frequently ?


Just was doing this insight as to why I am not blogging that regularly  nowadays. I could attribute to more than one reason on my bloglessness!,

1)      bit occupied with work

2)      unprecedented queuing  up of my cousin’s marriages, and

3)      not the least all my personal work - getting queued up!


True, I am not giving enough priority for blogging when compared to other activities. Time management and especially prioritizing the work has taken a toll on my blogging activities.

I still somehow manage to visit all your blogs atleast once in every 3 days to keep in touch.. may be I don’t leave my foot prints in all of the blogs that I would visit.


I think, bloglessness comes as a part and parcel of every one’s blog’s lifecycle or atleast to me now!

I still would like to update you guys.. that I am here.. but only to be prevented by high priority events that come as a sudden thunderbolt right at top of my head! Uh..


What takes more time in my work?

Now, it’s the recruitment time for my team and the interview process which includes.. conducting interviews and coordinating related activities is taking a huge toll of my time.

I almost regularly land up in my home at 12.00pm every nite.


How does personal work gets queued up??

When you land up almost 12.pppm in the nite where would you accommodate your other personal work! No time slots left for em ;)


Do I enjoy this?

I think I do! I love to do more work. I love to work than just sitting idle ;)


How to manage friends during this time!

Well, such a difficult question to answer. May be only thru phone calls! True wasn’t able to meet any of my friends in the last two months.. mostly they contact me over phone… they call me during weekends to have an outing.. only to be answered a sweet no..! Its becoming really tougher to answer nos.. lost of nos.. and ppl are getting really angry with me. One of my friend even mailed me like this… “This is just to inform you that we are planning stroll around snowbowling @ nungambakkam this Saturday and we know that you would not be available. In case you are available contact us over phone!” This is the invitation I am getting nowadays!!!


How long this would continue?

Well.. until I break this habit! I cant quantify the time how long as I myself do not know :)


Would I come back regularly?

Hope so.. in the near future.. lets wait and see J


March 8, 2004   04:39 PM PST
Yeah Queet, thatz why... i am keepin in touch with phone... !!
March 6, 2004   10:49 AM PST
Priority....don't lose out on good friends because of work...balance in life...:) and have fun:p

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