Entry: I cant tolerate this! Tuesday, December 09, 2003


I donno why some guys take pride in vouching support to a foreign country.. To give you an actual heads on.. this is regarding the India- Australia match. I appreciate if it just stops with supporting Australia on the sport front, but if ppl start saying that Australia is a better place to live and kinds.. and tell Indian supporters that India is a worst place to live in the world and things like that! I just cant tolerate..  I donít know why these guys assume themselves to be the citizens of Australia! and fanatically vouch for it..  Guys may be India is not that good place to live, when compared to that of Australia, but this is the place where we Live, I am really proud about my country and my people. May be if a foreigner states that India is not that good place to live in, then I can tolerate, but if an Indian says this, I just cant.

Guys, (who assume yourself to be the citizens of Australia or US or UK , I am referring to Indians who tries to act smart and behave as if they are from a foreign country), donít you think by uttering such untamed remark are you not insulting yourself?? I just cant understand your motive behind this! Are you so stupid to insult yourself?

If you feel you donít belong to this country then why are you still in here! Get out and get lost! We Indians know what our country means to us.


I am sorry if this hurts any of you, but cant stop from blogging this.


December 22, 2003   02:40 PM PST
Thanks Sat and harini..
December 18, 2003   09:57 PM PST
i strongly feel the same.they think they r being kewl by doing so. if u r that talented why don't u go and train the indian team. any game losing and winning will be there!
i am proud to be an indian.
but if some of my elders come with this anti-indian thought i can't really fight! bad!
December 16, 2003   12:34 PM PST
The last word is that, whatever other ppl may say, east or West, India is the best
December 16, 2003   10:17 AM PST
Shadow and Babitha...
December 13, 2003   12:39 PM PST
totally agree with u aravinth...unfortunately these 'clowns' fail to understand that Australia etc will give them money & luxury-will use & then throw them...but-India ..however corrupt our system may be...will give them love & will always treat them as its own.
December 13, 2003   04:20 AM PST
I have met quite a few such clowns in my life. Dont bother with these people. Its a case of low self esteem and trying to blame it on something that cannot respond back!
December 12, 2003   10:47 AM PST
Yes Lakshmi.. but I cant tolerate if some one speaks ill of India.. !

Hey Queer.. You coming to chennai! when is this ghoing to happen??
December 11, 2003   03:31 AM PST
I know how it feels to be away from india. I am just waiting to get back to my dear old country! soragame endralum nammoora pola varuma:)
December 10, 2003   08:06 PM PST
I've heard many talk like that...I don't take pains in correcting them,after all its their duty to respect their motherland...I'm really proud to be an Indian.....no regrets or second thouhts
December 10, 2003   11:19 AM PST
It was a small conversation with some of my friends.. I really get pissed off when some one tries to degrade India.

Nice to know that lots of patriotic ppl around :)
Deepak Kumar Vasudevan
December 9, 2003   08:23 PM PST
Yep! I agree with you in entirety. Motherland has to be treated with great care and respect and it is the foremost duty of every Indian citizen. Jai Hind!!
December 9, 2003   06:28 PM PST
ur right we must be proud of our country..its the best...n ppl shld take pride in in telling tht we're indians...afterall we r the best.
December 9, 2003   05:34 PM PST
Appa - so nice to hear from a Patriotic Indian (including me)..
But suddenly why that outrage... who said such stuff abt India being a bad place to live?.... Totally against that. India is our country. I am proud to be an Indian

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