Entry: My Stay at Bangalore - An official trip but a pleasant experience Monday, September 08, 2003

Sorry for some irregular blogging(I think this is my second blong! And a huge gap between the first and second!), I am gonna make myself more organized in blogging , try to blog atleast once a week.!  And I am going to follow this(schedule) religiously. So  plz visit me every week to read some of my thoughts and my experiences. This article is about my short stint at bangalore!

Hmm, just went to Bílore on Saturday (6th Sept)  to do some recruitment for our team. This is an official trip sent by HCLT Chennai. We were four panelists who went there to select some candidates. Due to the unavailability of train tickets.. we made our journey thru.. flight!(I wud have loved to !) but  no way.. we traveled in BUS! (Now a days cost cutting in companies is so prevalent that even the panelists are sent in bus.).but thatz Okey.. Traveling in bus is also okey with me. It was a safe journey and we reached Bílore early morning on Sunday. We quickly checked in to a hotel in the infantry road, thank god.. the HR have atleast booked a pretty good hotel, I just loved the interiors, its kinda Italian ambiance maintained. I love those curved chairs and sleuth beds, with perfect match of cusions to rest your head while watching TV. Hmmm.. but I generally dont like Italian cusines! And hate pastas! I donít know how ppl take such a tasteless.. spongy stuff! Being Indian may be I demand more spicy food.

We didnít take our complimentary breakfast there(I told you that I donít like Italian food),so we  went out and had my favourite idly ,dosa and coconut water.. thanks to Mr.Gobi,(one of the panelists) who spotted the coconut vendor.

Then we took an auto and reached the GRG office (where we are supposed to take the interviews), its near the SUN microsysytemís office. The weather was so perfect, with a slightly cold breeze having a soothing effect on you(the breeze hit us while traveling in an auto). I still like that kinda breeze! Hope to change the geography of Chennai and make its altitude to at least some 2000m above the sea level! So that we chennaities can enjoy the climate of Bílore and that cool breeze!


Then we did the interviews ! ( I donít want to dwell on this!). We selected some 5 candidates.

Another worst part of this visit, is that of the lunch! Ehh.. we ordered lunch at 1.30 pm and we got our lunch at 3.30 pm.. these guys who do this door delivery were very good service oriented ppl! And worst of all is that he didnít have any change for my 500 ruppe note! And gave me some gift voucher to  adjust the amount!

I got a severe headache because of the late lunch and  since no candidates were left to be interviewed (ppl who had appointment at 1.30 havent turned up till 3.45), we (myself and Gopi)decided to take a stroll along the road and come back in 10mins! So that out headache will also vanish, still the gentle breeze well alive and we enjoyed it. Within minutes, we reached the hockey stadium there. The stadium was just few yards from the place of interview. There was a local match that was going on, we watched the same for some 5mins. It was really refreshing. Why donít media sponsor these games, hockey is supposed to be the official sport of our country and in familiarity wise could not even be compared with the cricket. I thin we need to pour more encouragement and support to these good athletes as well. But the ground was really well maintained and the lush green was a treat to our eyes and soon our headaches vanished!


We then finished the rest of the candidates and started back to hotel.  We were supposed to catch our bus which was scheduled to depart at 10.30pm in the evening! W were in the hotel by 7.00pm and we thought we could go to Brigade rd to do some shopping and come back.But then I was too lazy and dropped that idea. Just went inside that cozy bed (I loved that soft cusion).. the AC in the room was just adequate to keep yourself underneath the warmth of the bedsheets. Just slept for some 30mins and got up and called the reception. Enquired whether the distance from this hotel to Kalasipalayam (where we need to board our bus).The stupid receptionist informed us that it will take an hour from the hotel to reach kalasipalayam!


It was already 8.00pm and we havenít taken our dinner, so we rushed to kalasipalayam and planned to have out dinner there, as it would save time. So took an auto and went to kalasipalayam. It toll less than 20mins from the hotel. Couldnít yell at the receptionist! She not there with us.. thought .. may be she is new to Bangalore, but she shouldnít have given an erroneous data if she doesnt know, atleast she should have enquired with some one else about it! We could have spent some more time to have our dinner in the hotel!

Any way, we had our dinner in a hotel there in Kalasipalayam, it was a bit decent one.. not a gr8 one.

And spent our time walking down in the kalasipalayam streets, enjoyed the breeze. There were also beautiful crackers that were lighting the sky, may be the celebrations for the ganesh chaturthy. We watched it, then got into our bus and reached Chennai in the morning!


If you have read this essay till this line, you might be interested in the way I write and you donít have anything else to do! (just kidding!) .. and one more important inference is .. we need to speak !

Mail me to n_aravinthan@yahoo.co.in, we shall keep in touchÖ

Do come back next week for my next blog.. till then see ya..





September 9, 2003   07:56 PM PDT

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