Entry: Some Questions Ė Some Assumptions Ė But No Answers! Thursday, November 06, 2003

From an Antís Perspective!

I get locked in questions like how will the humans look like in the other creatures eyes. Do we look like huge monsters that wanders, killing these small insects and animals. Are we the dinosaurs for them! We mercilessly stamp on them and kill em! How do we look like from their eyes!  But how cud they are calm when such a huge demon comes near it and watching it??


Do we reside on a sub-atomic particle called Earth?

Donít you feel a striking similarity between how atoms and our universe are positioned! Atoms have lotsa electrons and in our solar system we have planets..

Like we examine atoms and study abt it. Does some one who has such a huge stature that even our solar system is just atom like structures are examining us?



What are we doing here. Whatz the destiny? Are we true? How do we prove?


Am I sounding crazy.. Sorry abt this guyz..


November 12, 2003   07:54 AM PST
sure will do that queer :)
November 12, 2003   07:10 AM PST
If u wanna know more abt destiny...chk out these links, posted by my friend and moi:)
November 10, 2003   04:14 PM PST
Of course I am, thats what I am living for
November 10, 2003   11:03 AM PST
Welcome back :)

Yep.. arent we already enjoyin life :) ??

Its a prewritten story! I dont know.. But its kinda what we make! (even if its a pre-written story) rite??
November 8, 2003   07:33 AM PST
Its a big bad world and its the survival of the fittest:) Destiny..hmm....I had posted a couple of thoughts on it a long time back:) Is it a pre-written story or a chance that we take and make our life?
November 7, 2003   10:51 PM PST
We must enjoy life anyway, whatever method we are created in, and whoever controls us
November 7, 2003   10:44 PM PST
well visint after a long time...its gr8 to be back....btw who cares wat ants or other insects think abt us.n even if earth is subatomic particle its big enough for us....so chill out n enjoy life.
November 7, 2003   04:54 PM PST
We'll never know..
November 7, 2003   03:52 PM PST
I am kinda getting into ramblings..!

Not really free.. :)

Whatz your strange thoughts? do post it too:)

November 7, 2003   02:36 PM PST
hey sat..
The ant explanation accepted.
Big bang theory states that the explotion has created the universe, why cant that explotion be carried out by huge creatures..?? Like we burst the diwali crackers.. it their diwali where we are living on!
How is this?
Vetti.. partly true :)
November 7, 2003   02:11 PM PST
Firstly, to the ants who have compound eyes, there would be a thousand humans standing in front of them instead of just one. Mostly the last thing they will see is the sole of the foot coming on them.
And the question of whether there is a larger creature controlling is proved wrong bcause of the Big Bang Theory.
And I must say, u are very VETTI to think of things like these
November 7, 2003   10:52 AM PST
Hi suds, could be too :) was the matrix real then?? :) Mr.Anderson?
November 6, 2003   10:47 PM PST
Or are we all just jacked into the Matrix?
November 6, 2003   10:40 PM PST
hmm...! hey no one is answering my questions! what you guys feel?
November 6, 2003   08:45 PM PST
hmmmm.....well....i m reminded of this line that my frd keeps saying but which was actually said by some famous person (dunno who)-

"theres a little amount of craziness in all of us- Grow on it!" dont let it die...& u arent alone in having these crazy thots- me has some frequently-but u c, they r so crazy that i cant even translate them into words & put them on my blog!
November 6, 2003   08:15 PM PST
aravinth, I can very well understand that u r outta u'r busy schedule now and ......
November 6, 2003   12:18 PM PST
Hahahahaha! Ramblings.......but u growing up............hahahahahaha

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