Entry: Interesting -Dont miss this- try it out :) Wednesday, November 05, 2003


Interesting stuff.. Just came across the mirror.sytes.org .. Just type in http://aravinthan.blogdrive.com.mirror.sytes.org and see what happens..

Very interesting isnt it.. If your site needs to be mirrored :) just type in your site name and append .mirror.sytes.org and enjoy the fun J



November 11, 2003   04:46 PM PST
yep Queer..:)
November 8, 2003   07:34 AM PST
hey that was soooo coooool:)))
November 6, 2003   10:46 AM PST
thanks sharmila.
November 6, 2003   10:27 AM PST
Itz nice and your title bar too
November 6, 2003   10:24 AM PST
Hey lakshmi.. that soundz interesing! If you are in the same street! then we might have met! who knows..
What door no you have been in 3rd main rd??
November 6, 2003   10:23 AM PST
Hi Shoba..
My previous comment is supposed to be..
"so you learnt how to put an image in your site??" (missed a 't' after learn)..!
November 6, 2003   10:13 AM PST
we'd been very close in vijaynagar. but I don't remember meeting u there.
world is a small village, made true! :d
November 5, 2003   06:55 PM PST
Hey shobha..
So learn how to put an image in your site??
November 5, 2003   03:53 PM PST
Hey Sat,
I got it from one of the sites while browsing.
No its not my pic in the title.. i wud look pretty similar to it though!
November 5, 2003   03:05 PM PST
Ya even i tried it out.....got it from kiruba's blog.........cool stuff!
November 5, 2003   02:36 PM PST
Wow, that was amazing, how the hell did u find out, and how do they do it?

btw, is that ur picture in the title bar graphic?

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