Entry: Back Into the World Of Table Tennis Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Its bin a  long time since I played table tennis (TT). Last time I played was in Vijayís house about 2years back, if I am rite. After that, I played TT in my office only yesterday. It was really refreshing. I started to enjoy playing it again. Yesterday, since I was playing after a lonnggg GAP of more than 3years, just played all possible strokes! We are planning to play it daily.

It all began when we (myself and my PL) were discussing on playing TT. We planned to play it on last Saturday, actually I was fully prepared to play on Saturday and we came to office at around 10.00 to play TT. Our plan was to play from 10.00AM to 1.00pm in the afternoon and then go home and retire. But all our plans to play went in vain, due to a scheduled dance rehearsals that was carried out in the same place.. So we returned back to our desks disappointed. Did some pending work and went home to watch the India-Australia match..

Which again was a gr8 disappointment!

So when we came yesterday to office, we had even stronger resolve to play TT!

We decided to play TT at around 8.00pm;). SO when the time struck 8.00, we went running to setup the board and started playing TT.

We played till around 9.00pm then two other guys came and joined us to play doubles. I was in a very fierce and aggressive mood. Poor guys, I literally went for all shots possible and landed most of them into the table too J. Hope fully they donít take those smashes as my actual quality! I generally donít do it though! Since it was after a long time, I played like that.

It was a good feeling playing TT after a long time..

And one good newz is my best friend Vijay is coming down to Chennai in Dec, we are also planning to play TT!! Awaiting him to come over here and we shall relish playing TT together!

Do you play Table tennis?


November 5, 2003   10:29 PM PST
hey.. its all practice that makes you perfeect in games.. i think you wouldnt have devoted time to learn and play TT :) Am i rite?
November 5, 2003   08:43 PM PST
hehe..well...the only outdoor game that i can play without embarassing myself is badminton! TT- i m pathetic at it!!
November 5, 2003   10:41 AM PST
Not really.. I havent got any..!
I am not a gr8 health freak too.. ! may be the enjoyment hasnt allowed these ache to get into me :)
November 4, 2003   03:54 PM PST
Wouldnt u get some shoulder ache or something if u play the game after such a long time (unless u work out often) ?

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