Entry: Its 5’0 Clock! Wednesday, October 29, 2003

It was pretty tightly scheduled day yesterday (28th October 2003) and was pretty busy. I was working and got a call from my mom..” Aravinth.. its already 9.15PM where are you??”..Me still in office! Uh..  My chappatis are waiting for me.. is the news that I heard from my mom..

As its already pretty late.. started from my office.. (I reside approx 22km from my office.. and it normally takes 45mins for me to travel back – due to bad roads and traffic)..

So reached home at 10.15pm! And all were asleep!..

So I took the chappatis from the kitchen, took the palak and started to have my dinner!

I Didn’t want my mom to wake up.. so I replaced these utensils without any noise.. J (See how goody guy I am)..

When I was almost about to retire to my bed.. My mom woke up! And enquired abt the dinner..! How caring she is! I just love my mom to the core! Its all natural.. anyone would love their mom!

As a daily routine  She went to check if everything is okey in the kitchen.. (I usually forget to keep the milk in the fridge .. etc.. etc!)..

I was feeling bit thirsty and wanted some water, since she has gone to kitchen . I thought I would ask her to get me some water.. but as she hasn’t returned back..  I thought I would close my eyes for some minutes,as my eyes were actually tired.. (due to the continuous work and stare at the monitor!)

After a few minutes, I opened my eyes! I thought that I should not disturb her .. rather I go myself and get the water.. so went to the kitchen and took some water.. !

While returning back.. I saw the time ! how is this possible.. its already 5 in the morning! I cant believe this..! What has happened.. Did I Sleep like that.. !

I am usually pretty sensitive to sounds and I wake up for even small chirps.. but today.. how could I sleep like this! The worst part is my mind hasn’t got any rest. I still feel that I didn’t have my quota of sleep! I feel as if its only some 30mins of sleep that I had slept!

I want to fill my quota of 7hrs of sleep! But its already time to get up!

Now I am at office… still yearning for my rest 6.5 hours of sleep..! Still missing it!



Do you have similar experience??


November 6, 2003   12:01 PM PST
Am I blessed bharani ??
November 5, 2003   03:51 PM PST
dreamless sleep, totally oblivious of whats going on around you is a state of meditation..did u guys know that ? Thats why its said that only blessed people have an undisturbed sleep.
November 4, 2003   10:41 AM PST
hmm.. :)
November 3, 2003   08:43 PM PST
:) happens lotsa time. 2 days ago i went to sleep listening to my walkman...the songs kept playing & me was blissfully sleeping. my frd removed the headphones after trying to wake me up & failing. next morning woke up feeling like i had closed my eyes a few minutes ago.
November 3, 2003   12:52 PM PST
oh yeah..it def happens, there have been times, when I have slept with a book in hand and lights on...blissfully..deaf to phone, doorbell and any other noise:)
November 2, 2003   02:32 AM PST
Still only 4 hols (sundays) a month is pitiful (I know that soon I will be facing it) How i am gonna, is a diff issue
November 1, 2003   10:44 AM PST
Hey guys.. no.. You work like that only for some time..
During some releases.. that willlast only for some 4 days.. but you will have 1 release per month.. :)
October 31, 2003   11:49 PM PST
There is no break - Working from 9 to 9 is a painful "job".

Shobha, for me, sleep is for those heavenly dreams that I suddenly get, not for those long sleeps which just seems like a blink of the eye. Takes the fun out of sleep then - would seem like a waste of time
October 31, 2003   09:57 PM PST
atleast, v students getta brk after alll our tiring work at the endof each sem.but how do u manage?
October 31, 2003   07:57 PM PST
Oh..I have had countless number of experiences like this. But i love sleeps like these since they are so deep devoid of any disturbances and dreams too.
October 30, 2003   04:33 PM PST
yeah Sat! thatz true..
October 30, 2003   02:44 PM PST
I will say that, you had a good sleep Arvindh. ie. without any disturbances.
Thats why you felt that, you had only 30mins of sleep.
October 29, 2003   11:29 PM PST
Staring too much at a comp will definitely cause that sleep - and if u have not slept well the previous nite
October 29, 2003   09:01 PM PST
hmm.. ! Chakra.. good that I am not left alone...
October 29, 2003   08:31 PM PST
It happens Aravinth! When you are too tired, you don't wait for the perfect ambience to get sleep.. you'll fall asleep naturally without realising the time.

On many a days, I have fallen asleep sitting in the chair only to wake up and see that its already morning and TV is on full blare! :)

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