Entry: A good Experience - MY UML (Unprepared)Presentation Sunday, October 19, 2003



Hey.. at short notice.. its kinda tough.. and you couldn’t prepare.. I was intimated just one day b4 that I need to take a training session to some freshers at HCLT!

Its all about UML- from requirement analysis, to Designing..

The problem is .. I had pretty busy schedule and I know that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on this presentationJ As my HR promised me that the target audience are freshers.. I am quite okey with it.. I don’t mean freshers are that easy to do with, my only concern is if there are some UML expers among the audience.. I know I would be done with it J ! Uh… I have already forgot lotsa terminology in UML.. its been more than 6months that I took a session! As I have to make some project release to my client last week it was kinda tough..

So the next day I checked the schedule for the training… wow mam. Its mentioned its only on this Friday.. which means I have one more extra day.. thought my HR is very kind to me.. so didn’t care abt the presentation and thought I shall start on the evening of Thursday(today 16th Oct 2003). So started to concentrate on my project and stuff…

You know.. I kinda wrote some new recursive algo for some undefined tree searching J was proud at the end of finishing the algorithm. Started to implement..in c#, the language I have just started loving. I was deep into the monitor.. carving out my code .. then at about 11.30AM suddently a new pop came! It was a mail alert. The from address told me its from my HR.. thatz okey.. then the subject virtually devastated me.. it was a reminder mail ..the subject went similar to this.. “Reminder for the UML presentation held today at 3.00pm in Platinum Conference room”!!!!! whaaaaatttzzzzzz.. that!

I quickly checked with my HR to find that the program was not advanced and I mistook the date to Friday..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God save meJ.. Poor me.. Poor me…

So started hurriedly preparing for the presentation.. Thank God ..i didn’t forget some concepts of Uml.. but other than that … almost most of them have already drained out of my mind….. might be  due to this unplanned event (No fault of HR anyway. Its all my mistake to read the mail wrong)!

Scanned my hard-disk for any of my previous presentations on UML..

The search was pretty slow today,… I have a feeling suddenly that the time is biking at 100kmph and all my work is progressing at a mere 15kmph! Hmmm.. got it atalst.. there is one presentation on UML that I have given previously. So took it and started to scroll thru it.. !

Did I prepare the presentation ??? I couldn’t attribute the examples inscribed in it….. I knew I composed the presentation long back.. the problem with me is I tend to forget things J Though my only advantage is I can grasp new things fast… but I forget at the same speed..

I went thru the 90 odd slide presentation to understand what I have written first… then started absorbing/ refreshing the concepts.. One more glance of the presentation would give me the confidence…. So went to the first slide to plan for a different presentation and flow of my session.. then a new alert came from my outlook J Its time.. snooze 5mins b4 the schedule?? Looked at my watch to find its 2.45pm J cool buddy.. still 15mins left.. so went thru the presentation again.. and was pretty confident J


It was almost 2.55 .. I started to the conference room and reached there at 3.00pm to start.. ! The guy who took the previous session has switched off the projector.. Today nothing seems to go for me.. I tried to switch it on.. but each time I press the power button in the remote.. it seems as if I have switched it off!! No lights coming out of it….


So as I couldn’t do much with , I just looked upon the audience for help….. eeeeeekkkkkkk.. what am I seeing @#$$@@ where are the freshers????????????

Oh.. I could spot one gal pretty young.. could be a frsher or some 3+yrs exp! But the rest of the ppl.. I know definitely there are not freshers!! GOD help meeeeee… plzzzzz

I already knew am gonna spoil my reputation J And its never possible for ppl with such experience to be ignorant of UML.. So I am already feeling dead..


Now I told myself.. look my dear aravinth.. its part of life.. its just another good situation to tackle.. lemme take it that way J  told myself to take the challenge on its face..


After such a revelation abt life in that flash momement.. I got so much confidance in me that I started with a bang..

SO I started my presentation and it was real interactive session. I even organized some “dumb chariots” kinda stuff in the session, I asked one person to act out “Sun” and asked ppl to guess it.. each of them guessed a different answer. This  I used that to emphasis on the need to have good communication / standard. AS the communication is the key to pass on the design/requirements.. it has to be properly communicated to at various stages in the organization. This illustration is to emphasis that a standard like UML is used to help bridge the communication lag .. so that different ppl can interpret the same design in the same way intended by the architect who designed it..

Ppl were kinda impressed with my approach to UML.. it all went well.. until the last 10mins.. One of the project managers sitting there started asking me about the sequence diagrams in detail.... you know ..I started to answer his question… and there was no response from my brain .. the stimuli for sequence diagrams seems to be corrupted! And my brain would have done some garbage collection on those affected part of my memory.. clearing all sequence diagram related stuff from my brain!!!!!

.. I knew that I am doing a spoil sport at the fag end..! but some how managed to answer his questions… luckily my logical reasoning skills which were still part of my brain.. helped in answering his queries..


Then showed my last slide of “Thank you” and packed back sharing my presentation and case study to them.


But even now am feeling pretty bad for the last 10mins.. I know that I wasn’t answering them properly due to lack of preparedness.. whatever excuse that I can give for those last 10mins.. I still feel bad.. I am not supposed to give them some “may be answers”.. thatz not the way I am supposed to be atleast.. This was totally not the way I used to be.. !


I was feeling very bad abt it.. but now kinda okey.. you cant be always successful in what ever you do.. rite..

Any way its part of life.. lemme take it in the same sense.. J


If you have read till this line.. then I can infer two things abt you..

1)you like the way  I write J ..

2)we might gel as good friends..


why don’t ya mail me what you feel..

to n_aravinthan@yahoo.co.in and also put your comments..







October 29, 2003   09:11 PM PST
Hey sharmila.. why dont you drop in your website address
October 29, 2003   09:10 PM PST
Yeah Barani.. thatz true :)
October 29, 2003   12:20 PM PST
I guess everybody at some point or the other has this sudden-stage-fear kinda experience. And it usually happens after you have done a good number of shows :-)...and worst of all this fear pops up at the most important presentation/talk of your life :-...guess life's like that - totally unpredicatable..yet helps you keep learning all along the way..
October 28, 2003   02:16 PM PST
October 21, 2003   04:25 PM PDT
Yeah Satish you are rite..
October 21, 2003   03:55 PM PDT
I just managed to graze thru it....
Would have had a helluva time, didnt u?

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