Entry: Back to Blog - But Shocked after my Itenary Thursday, October 09, 2003

Hi All, sorry about not blogging for last four days! Eh.. After the my itenary, I have become kinda lazy! Ok ok.. I was always lazy.. but this time.. l became an embodiment of it! (satisfied!)  Hey Shadow.. here is my post..J


It  was a good trip. We (me and my father) we planned to cover most of the temples near the Mailaduthurai, it’s a place in Southern Tamilnadu near to Kumbakonam. We were particular to cover only Dhivya desams, (Dhivya desams  - these are the Temples in which Alwars have sung about the  deties and is a considered sacred among other temples!) So we travelled by Bus and reached Mailaduthurai on Thursday Morning (02 Oct 2003), we got out of the bus and we were welcomed by our driver there, its really good to see some person receive your even in a place where you don’t have any acquaintance. He took us to a decent Hotel, where we took some rest and started off our spiritual journey. Wow! man, you wont believe, we almost covered 12 temples in the day, all were Divya Desams and all were very near to each other, in a 20km radius. It was pretty a strenuous journey, traveling all day long continuously. Then we came back to the hotel. I never closed my eyes to sleep, I didn’t know when I started sleeping, when I opened my eyes it  was 5.00 AM! We were supposed to get up at that time, as our driver would come to the hotel by 6.00AM to take us to some distant temples. I was feeling pretty lazy to get up, so I woke my father up and asked him to alert me once he is ready. So I actually got ready by 6.15AM only, huh, but our driver haven’t yet come to the hotel, he too would have felt very tired and hence the delay. He actually came at 6.30AM , by which time we were in the reception. We went to 3 temples which were located pretty far off from our place. We actually decided to goto “Uppiliappan” temple in Kumbakonam, which is one of my favorite deities. So we vacated the hotel by around 1.00 in the noon and went to Kumbakonam and offered our prayers over there. We then disposed the car and took a bus again to reach Trichy. We stayed in one hotel near to the bustand, actually we had one ritual to be performed in Srirangam on Saturday. When we reached tiruchi, it was almost around 3.00pm, we took rest for 1hour and took a bus and went to Srirangam to visit the famous Ranganathar temple. We had a good dharshan. It was already very tiring. I did a mistake when I was in Mailaduthurai, on Friday, I took water from the one of the hotels! I could feel it having effect in my throat, I don’t know why I am sensitive to water! Even if I take once, I face the problem! My throat goes irk!!!!


Then we finished the ritual on Saturday and retuned back to Chennai the same day. We reached Chennai at 10.30pm. Good to have a mobile and the number of Chennai call taxi. These guys (Chennai call taxi) were really cool. I just fixed a taxi 15mins before I arrived in Kathipara junction in Guindy, the Taxi came in less than 5mins to that place. I could realize the power of the technology, you have phone , you can book a taxi while you are still on the bus, reaching your destination, and you have a taxi ready to serve you when you arrive your destination! Cool one, Chennai has improved a lot. The Taxi driver seemed to be a real decent guy,  he was conversing fluently in English, that too pretty decent English. Was surprised to see a customer oriented taxi drivers.

Then we reached home by 11.00pm and went to bed.. when I woke up next morning.. a shock awaited me…. I never expected it…


Continued in my next blog..



October 27, 2003   07:53 PM PST
HI Chakra,
Yeah visited it :)

October 21, 2003   08:02 PM PDT
hey.. did u visit 'Annan perumal kovil' near Sirkazhi.. one of the divyadesams too.. just curious!
October 18, 2003   10:14 AM PDT
Yeah Queer.. I just luv the call taxis.. atlast some customer friendly transportation to chennai :)
October 16, 2003   12:36 PM PDT
Thats one nice tour you had , really good:)) oh yeah those call taxis Rock man!! really cool ..rite:)
October 11, 2003   07:34 AM PDT
hmm.. thatz a good question, certain temples were really good especially the thereyanthur temple, i was satisfied a lot :)
October 10, 2003   09:55 PM PDT
I did the temple tour once too, not this many, only abt 6 (that much I can remember)
It was a long an painful journey , travelling by van. But I still dont know whether I attained spiritual satisfaction, Did U?

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