Entry: Rain Water Harvesting in Chennai Thursday, August 28, 2003


After all these churlish approach and obstreperous attitude towards social welfare! chennaities are now heading towards a first ever social revolution!

Revolution!# Am I sounding bit crasy..! not really.. I feel its really a revolution of its kind! Cause its nowhere in our history after independance that any state in India has ever followed a social obligatory, so religiously as its followed today in chennai.

Hats off to the Chief minister of Tamil Nadu! First lemme clarify one thing..
I am neither an ardent fan of our chief minister nor belong to the cadre of the ruling party.

But In the case of implementing the Rain Water Harvesting in Chennai! I could never picture any other political leader who would have such courage and will, to implement such a huge scale operation affecting more than a million homes with such ease.

The power that she is enjoying and the way the orders were implemented were so fascinating to see and jubilant to note, that you cannot ward off the exuberance that emanates from people who are witnessing their great leader doing a great welfare to their lives.

Yes at-last there is a great leader who could really take decisions on her own and make people follow it too. Its not about taking her own decisions, but decisions that is aimed at improving the standards of the society as a whole.

Lets harvest more water and make Chennai a water abundant state and lets stop relying on other states for our needs.

But there is still a huge hindrance that I could see for the effective implementation of the rainwater harvesting, it’s the useage of the plastic products! Even bit of plastic thatz thrown out of our house shall stop every bit of water fallen on it, heading to the land! More worse case would be the plastic material buried underneath preventing the water from getting into the soil.

What ever it is.. we have just started our maiden journey in social reform. Let this be a good beginning and soon Tamil Nadu shall harvest the long term benefits that arise out of more such graceful and consistent effort from our chief minister and form all of us.

Thanks a ton Mam for your genuine efforts in making Chennai a good place to live. Looking forward to see more such things to happen in Chennai.

Jai Hind.
Aravinthan N.
A Chennaite.
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September 5, 2003   05:29 PM PDT
Good one aravi. I agree

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